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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ten years..........

I know it has been many days since anyone has heard from the Princess or the Pro! I apologize people. But we have had some changes in our household! Some amazingly great, bitter-sweet changes!

If you haven't heard by now Nathan has turned in that five pound radio he's worn on his belt for TEN years. No more corresponding with teams to organize a schedule, no more briefing meetings and no more all-nighters converting from concert to a practice set up. That's right friends, our 'Pro' is retiring from PROfessional meeting planner.

While we are so excited about the change that is coming our way it is also a very bittersweet time in our lives. Working at the arena has brought us both so many great memories! Nathan has met so many great performers and amazing athletes. But I'd say the most special memory for us is, the arena is where we met & got engaged. We have so many special memories. So while we are grateful for this opportunity ahead of us, we are a little sad to say so-long.

On a very positive note, I will no longer have to go to basketball games or concerts alone! WOOHOO! In a few weeks for the first time in our entire relationship we will actually get to sit together and watch my sister walk across the stage.....a day that I never thought would come. (Nathan sitting next to me that is!)

One day when we do start our family he will get to actually take our children to a basketball game and not be working in the background! I love this idea!

I know that he will miss all of the great people he had the opportunity to work with but it's time to try something new!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this new change! We are looking forward to the new journey ahead of ourselves but will never forget the wonderful people we've met.