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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Mummers

For the past few years we have made the 115 mile trip back to my home town to attend the summer's greatest event, Summer Mummers. What is a summer mummer you ask? Only the greatest thing EVER! All in once location you get to cheer, yell, throw popcorn and pretty much get away with not acting your age!

Summer Mummers is a play, (melodrama) that highlights a hero and a villain. Every year the plot is exactly the same, actors and themes change but the plot is always the same. The villain somehow takes the girl and it's up to the hero and his handy sidekick to save the day, and the girl. There are only a few rules at mummers, cheer for the hero and boo (while throwing popcorn towards the stage---or at each other) at the villain. Once the damsel in distress is rescued, the second act begins...the Olio.

The olio is a combination of different choreographed dances, random short skits and sing-a-longs. The show is concluded by the female dancers dancing the can-can and the entire cast singing, 'Grand Ole Flag.'

Sound like something from another decade? Well that's because it kind of is! Mummers started in 1949. That's 62 years people! 62 years of laughter and plain awesome-ness!

Needless to say as usual, we had a great time and can't wait to go back again! And in fine 'Pro' fashion, the night was ended with his usual 'popcorn angel' as he likes to call it!

Other highlights of the weekend are still to come, stay tuned!


  1. Umm... how did I not know you blogged?! And a popcorn angel? GENIUS!

  2. Ha! Yes! Nathan does it every year! I just started blogging. It's so much fun!