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Monday, August 6, 2012

16 weeks!

16 weeks and starting to grow! Most have told me they would never know I was expecting, but for me on the other hand I can certainly tell! Up until this week I have not had a big growth, it's been very gradual.

The downside to having a slight growth spurt in about a week.... pants. don't. fit.

While it may not show in a picture, my waistline would tell you otherwise. Now here is the slight issue, I'm not comfortable in oh about 75 percent of my normal pants but maternity pants don't quite fit either!

Thank goodness for belly bands and the ever popular loose fitting and long tops! Thank you fashion designers for not bringing back tight fitting tank tops! My expanding belly is appreciating it!

My mom-to-be goals for this next week: find something (that I already own) comfortable to wear, make time for exercise and to RELAX!

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh Boy!... or Girl!

Well this weeks begins my twelve long day stretch of working non stop. So with that, I figured today I will take a few hours and spend some "ME" time. I feel like for the past few months we have been going 90 miles a minute. I'm sure you have been there! Unfortunately I have a problem with always feeling like I need to be doing something around the house. While some people may choose to do their household chores during the week, you know to enjoy the weekend-- well not me, I'm crazy and prefer the opposite. For some reason I'd much rather relax after a long day of work and save everything for the weekend.

Not always a good idea friends.

I tend to always get myself overwhelmed about mid afternoon on Sundays with catching up on the laundry, mopping the floors, grocery shopping, you name it I pile it on to my plate on Sundays. Isn't Sunday a day of rest?! Somewhere along the road I have forgotten that.

Luckily I have an extremely helpful husband who knows I get this way and does whatever he can to avoid my Sunday evening exhaustion!

So I have decided, when my long work stretch is over I am going to adjust my ways. I'm going to start focusing more on my family, friends and most importantly myself.

I am certainly going through a time in my life where life is just all over the place and I've realized I need to slow down and appreciate the things in life that are great!

With that being said, we have some really exciting things to look forward to in August!

This past week I went to the doctor for my 16 week check up. While there I got to schedule my next sonogram that will reveal the baby's gender. In less than three weeks from now we will know if we will be adding a boy or girl to our family. Either way, we don't care!

I swear by the Chinese gender predictor. I use the one listed on the bump.com, it's super easy and no need to calculate your Chinese lunar year (or whatever it is...). Out of all of our friends and family who have had babies recently, it has predicted all but one correctly. So of course I believe the predictor will be correct for our baby.

What is the prediction?


When it comes to old wives tales, my symptoms are all over the place. Some wives tales suggest girl and others boy.

I am 100 percent ready to find out it is a boy. Nathan on the other hand thinks it could be a girl, but only because everyone else seems to think boy.

When I went to the doctor this week the nurse predicted girl. The heartbeat this week was in the high 170s, which is an indicator of a girl.

I know that when my mother-in-law was expecting Nathan his heartbeat was very high. For anyone who knows Nathan and his high energy personality, boy or girl our child will most likely take this trait from him!

This week we have decided to take on the task of choosing a name. Oh gosh. For some reason this is so overwhelming to me. This is the name our child will have for the rest of their lives. So of course, I want to feel completely confident in our choice. And I thought picking out a good stroller would be a tough choice for me.

This may get interesting! But I know it will be a lot of fun!

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Story of Us

I know, what you're thinking, hello stranger?! If you're thinking this, you are right!

When I started this blog my intentions we're to tell the everyday stories of our lives and quite honestly to introduce myself to a new hobby that was different that anything I've ever been interested in. I have great respect for those who keep up with their blogs and always seem to have such a great way of sharing their everyday lives with family, friends and probably many others who they have never even met.

I like to think that others who are not that smooth in the writing department see bloggers on tv, much like Carrie Bradshaw and think all they do is sit there and chronicle their thoughts, how hard could it be? Well for me, it's not as easy as you see on tv.

Regardless of how committed I have been in the past, I have decided that it is time to give it another shot. So here is to my second shot. Who knows if a stranger will ever read this or if it will continue to be followed by just my parents (which is ok too!), either way I am back! And I'm ready to start re-telling the story of our lives starting now!

Moving forward, let's recap on the past few months where I have been on an extended blogger vacation!

Towards the end of April, Nathan made a huge decision for himself as well as all of our families. After ten years working as an event coordinator he decided it was time for a change. Goodbye basketball coaches, schedules and concert load-in's and hello oil field!

Before he officially started his new job we were able to take a quick vacation to Las Vegas! It was really nice to get away for a bit. We had a great time relaxing, doing a little gambling, zip lining down Fremont Street and best of all seeing Viva. (If you are going to Vegas anytime soon, I really recommend seeing Viva! It's a cirque show and is in it's last season, so go see it before it's too late!)

Since our vacation we have grown accustomed to his new schedule and all the new oil field lingo we've had to learn. (I say 'we'....well, ok sometimes I just have to smile and nod. There is a reason he was hired and not me!) Some of our closest friends had their first baby! That has been really fun to see how their family is growing. My baby sister graduated from college and it will be exciting to see what the future has for her. Nathan's sister and her husband are expecting their first child in late August.

As far as me, I've been extremely busy with work as I have been taking over for my boss as she's on maternity leave. It has certainly been a process of learning and growing for me. On top of everything that is going on in our lives we are now preparing for a much bigger change. A change that neither one of us has experienced before. Something that is so much bigger than buying a house, starting a new job or loving a puppy that has grown up to become what he thinks, a real person!

Our big change will be full of joy and surprises, lessons and laughter and most importantly love.

As of January 2013, our family of 2 (ok, well I am one of those people who do consider their dog a member of their family, so to me we have a family of 3 as it is!) will add one more.

We are more than happy to welcome our sweet baby to our family and can't wait to begin our new journey together!

Thank you to everyone who has given us kind words and congratulations during our happy time!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ten years..........

I know it has been many days since anyone has heard from the Princess or the Pro! I apologize people. But we have had some changes in our household! Some amazingly great, bitter-sweet changes!

If you haven't heard by now Nathan has turned in that five pound radio he's worn on his belt for TEN years. No more corresponding with teams to organize a schedule, no more briefing meetings and no more all-nighters converting from concert to a practice set up. That's right friends, our 'Pro' is retiring from PROfessional meeting planner.

While we are so excited about the change that is coming our way it is also a very bittersweet time in our lives. Working at the arena has brought us both so many great memories! Nathan has met so many great performers and amazing athletes. But I'd say the most special memory for us is, the arena is where we met & got engaged. We have so many special memories. So while we are grateful for this opportunity ahead of us, we are a little sad to say so-long.

On a very positive note, I will no longer have to go to basketball games or concerts alone! WOOHOO! In a few weeks for the first time in our entire relationship we will actually get to sit together and watch my sister walk across the stage.....a day that I never thought would come. (Nathan sitting next to me that is!)

One day when we do start our family he will get to actually take our children to a basketball game and not be working in the background! I love this idea!

I know that he will miss all of the great people he had the opportunity to work with but it's time to try something new!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this new change! We are looking forward to the new journey ahead of ourselves but will never forget the wonderful people we've met.