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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2000-2001 in review

This post is 100 percent dedicated to the hubs. This weekend at The Princess and the Pro, we traveled to my husbands home town for his, wait for it....10 year high school reunion! WOW!

(I like to give him a hard time about this. When he was graduating high school I was just starting high school, a freshman at the time. When you think about a senior guy dating a freshman girl you wonder how that came to be, BUT when you think about a little freshman girl dating a senior guy, oh ya....she's cool, or so I like to think!) 

I've taken the time to put together my own little year '2000-2001 in review', when the 'Pro' was graduating high school, these were some of the fads, trends and important events:

-Harry Potter  & Lord of the Rings were the box office hits
-Wikipedia launches on the Internet
-Anthrax scare
-iPod first released
-Popular TV shows in 2001: Will & Grace, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, 7th Heaven, Survivor, Gilmore Girls
-Billboard #1 Songs:
    * It's Gonna be Me, N'sync
    * Independent Women, Destiny's Child
    * With Arms Wide Open, Creed
    * Ms. Jackson, OutKast
    * Lady Marmalade
    * All for You, Janet Jackson
    * U Remind Me, Usher
-Average cost of a gallon of gas: $1.36!!
-Children's scooters were a huge fad!
-DVDs, YouTube and text messaging become popular.

(Stats are not scientific or factual based, simply based on numerous google searches)

We had a great weekend reuniting with old friends, meeting new ones and spending time with family. On Friday night we went to a BBQ, Saturday morning Nate participated in the annual parade with his reunion class and that evening we went to a dinner. It was a great weekend and I know he really enjoyed catching up with old friends! 

While I am a few years away from my own 10 year reunion, it is a surreal feeling that it has been that long since high school! Just googling facts from 2000-2001 really took me back to what seems not so long ago! Time really does fly by!  

I leave you with the 'outake' of the weekend. While driving to the venue where the dinner was held, we come across a sign that reads, '(Last name) Family Reunion' taped to a telephone pole. We look to our left and see several different RV's parked in the middle of a field behind an industrial building. Please note: We were not outside of town, in the middle of the country or at any sort of camp ground! Oh ya, keeping it classy!

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