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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Have you ever tried this work out before? O...M....Gee. I like to think I'm a decently fit person, I take my trip to the gym on most days. (Ok before this I had a slump, but that's ok?!?! We all do!) So for the most part I keep up with my fitness.

We started P90X on August 1st, and have successfully (Nathan success = 23 days, Kaitlan success= 20.5 days....yes, it's true some days I don't feel like pushing myself, so I cheat. There I said it, I cheat!) completed 23 days of the program. This week we are on the 'recovery week' portion. Now I don't know about you but when I think of 'recovering' I think of a nice few hours of relaxing on the couch, watching some Bravo and possibly taking a little snooze. Recovery to me = means no exercising. Boy I was wrong.

Maybe it's the fact that every morning my alarm clock goes off at 5:45 and I'm dreading putting my workout clothes on, finding my tennis shoes (one of them is occasionally missing because Mr. Bentley decided he would be funny and run around the house with one, in hopes of me chasing him...either that or socks), pouring myself a glass of water, then having to drag a 90 pound dog out from under the coffee table because he knows us working out means he has to go into the kennel. I mean, come on.....who wants to go through this process at 5:45 in the morning?!

Maybe it's the fact that the work out immediately starts with jumping jacks or something else NOT slow or calm. Jumping jacks?! How about a slow stretch?! Now that sounds nice and relaxing! Who starts getting tired during the warm up. Yup, it's me.

Or Maybe it's the fact that while I'm doing the workout I notice the millions of little black dog hairs that have made it's way from Bentley's body to my living room floor. At this point my mind starts to think, ' I wonder if Nathan would let me quit the workout IF I decided to sweep the floor?' ' This would only benefit him from getting Bentley hairs all over him?' (Oh what a sight!) This would only mean that he potentially wouldn't need to help clean the floors later?! Well, it was a nice thought at least.

While I could think of a ton of reasons why I dislike doing P90X the minutes before and the usual 45 plus-minutes during, I will say I always feel good once I get to the 'after' portion. It is such a tough workout, but it definitely makes you feel good after.

It's been almost 30 days now. I'm not sure that I've noticed any results, but it's nice to have a workout partner to keep me accountable. And not to sound super cheesy, but kind of nice to share this experience with the hubs. I'm not sure what I would do without his persistence. That and the love-hate relationship we share for this workout plan.

If you're interested in starting this plan, I would definitely recommend it, but get ready. You will definitely get your workout! Physically and mentally. All you need is determination and drive and you'll make it through.

So here's to the next 60 days.

I can do this!

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