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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three hundred & Sixty-Five

This weekend we celebrated a milestone in our journey together. That's right, this past Sunday we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. 365 days of living in the same house, learning how to adjust, picking our battles, finding new annoyances, discovering which chores belong to whom. 365 days full of laughter, stories, a few failed dinners, projects around the house, many interactions with the lawn mower, trips to the grocery store, accidentally setting off the house alarm, hair left on the shower wall, forgetting to put the toilet seat down. Most importantly, 365 days of memories.

How did we celebrate our milestone you ask? Well, we went right back to one of the places it started. We spend the evening of our anniversary at The Watson Building. The place where our wedding reception was held. No, the doors were not unlocked and no, nothing was going on there. In fact it almost looked like a ghost town. The lights were turned off, the curtains were closed and the tables were pushed up against the windows. But exactly 365 days from that evening it was anything but. It was full of energy and excitement and most importantly love and happiness.

We have such fond memories of the building itself that we couldn't image being anywhere else! We asked our friend Brittany Strebeck, who was our amazing wedding photographer to join us on this monumental day. Brittany is one of the sweetest people and so much fun to work with. I remember when we scheduled our engagement session. We were a little nervous just because we didn't know if it would be awkward or not, but she made us feel so comfortable. She is very talented and such a nice person to be around.

We started our photo session in front of the Watson Building. We sat on the curb in front of the doors and cut our first piece of anniversary cake. It was so special to us to have Brittany documenting such a special occasion and so much fun, after 365 to participate in the special tradition!

So here's to MANY MANY more 365 days to come! I hope when we're 75 years old we can spend our anniversary outside the same place where it all started!

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