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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Water Dog

While we were home this weekend, we took our puppy (yes, he is indeed still a puppy although he looks like a horse) swimming for the first time.

 **Side note: I have quickly become one of those dog lovers who thinks of their dog as they would their own child, talks about it all the time, thinks it is the cutest on the planet, can talk in disgust towards it but no one else can, worries about it if I'm away, pretty much gives it whatever it wants because it can do no wrong in your eyes, doesn't understand when others don't love it as much as you, etc. You know the type, that is completely and flat out obsessed. Hello, that is me now. If those type of people rub you the wrong way, well this is my disclaimer. I have completely become that person. I digress...**

Bentley has never been in the water before, minus the fact that he took it upon himself to jump from the ground straight into the hot tub one night! But there isn't much room for a 80 pound lab to do much swimming in a hot tub. Needless to say we were really excited to see how he would take to the water. (Plus we were secretly hoping that it would wear him out for the night.)

Well, I am happy to say after many scared attempts of even getting in the water, Bentley made it! He is an official swimmer now! He brings true meaning to the term, 'water dog.' In true (Obsessed dog lover) fashion, we were so proud of him! As you can see, we only took just a 'few' proud 'parent' pictures of the monumental occasion. Now it's just a shame that we don't have a pool at our house!

Someone should totally come up with a public swimming pools for dogs! It would be a win win for all parties!

We clearly had a great weekend! Bentley learned to swim, like clockwork the boys came up with their usual last minute pool games, we went to Summer Mummers later that night and came home with a consignment store find, a china cabinet that we will be giving a little face lift!

Great weekend spent with family and friends!

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