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Monday, June 20, 2011

so long sunglasses

One thing that I have quickly learned as I've reached adulthood is to never say NEVER. While I was growing up I always said that I would never marry another first born child like me. I had always heard that opposites attract and to be honest, I didn't know too many couples that had a significant other of the same birth order.

First born children in my opinion are generally: very reliable, tend to be perfectionists, follow schedules, not fans of change or surprises, are natural leaders and usually people pleasers. Hum?!?! Doesn't sound so bad when you put it in writing, now does it!

I have no clue why I was always so adamant about not marrying a first born. Why was it so important to be with someone who was opposite from me?! Maybe the old saying opposites attract should be changed to 'similarities attract'? Thinking back now, it made perfect sense for me to be with a first born. About 90% of all of my close friends are first borns, maybe that's why we get along so well....we can relate to one another completely!

While I would consider myself a 'momma's girl' I have always had more of an understanding with my dad's way of life. He follows a schedule, is on time and always has a plan. A true first born. My mom on the other hand is the baby of her family. She is very carefree, generous and easy going....and oh ya, doesn't always care about what time it is. (A first born's nightmare!) --Love ya mom! :)

Yet again...I should have known all along that it would only be in my BEST interest to marry a first born child! Life with two first borns from the outside must look very structured and organized. I will say, for the most part it is. Cue 7 month old, 70 pound, black lab puppy, Bentley. I will quickly add, life before Bentley was calm, clean and MUCH more quiet. Bentley is clearly not a first born!

Saturday morning I woke up to Nathan asking me why there was a single sunglass lens on the kitchen floor. Pre-Life with Bentley, I seriously would have wondered where in world that would have come from. Now....there is literally no telling!

After just a few minutes of searching he found this......

My first pair of 'nice' (not to mention my wedding present) sunglasses.....destroyed!

Did I mention that first borns don't necessarily deal with change or surprises too well? Ok, yes I did! It's true, we don't...not at all!

I am starting to believe that Bentley was in God's plan for our lives. He is crazy hyper (Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself he is still a puppy!)extremely playful, get's into EVERYTHING, drips his water ALL over our kitchen floor, sheds all over everything, is a human shadow, drags in dirt and grass..........

Bentley has completely changed these first borns lives, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter one bit because we have so much love for the little (just a figure of speech) guy! He may rock our structured life but while doing so he brings so much happiness too!

So in a way, thanks Bent for stealing my sunglasses and tearing them up...maybe I needed a little change to appreciate what is really important in life, and that's not sunglasses!

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