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Monday, August 29, 2011

Playing Hooky?

Recovery week is over.

Week #5, day 1.....arms........ hurt...bad.......OUCH! Not sure I'll be able to make it through a whole work day on my computer. Lifting boxes of files, psh, forget it!

Hum? Does hurting arms classify as an officially 'sick day' ?

Thinking about it....thinking about it. And then my conscience kicked in. Geez. Now is about the time I wished my parents wouldn't have stressed so hard the importance of NOT playing 'hooky'!

Ha, I remember when my sister was really young she tricked our babysitter into thinking she was sick. So my parents made her tell her teacher the next day what she had done. Ha. It's kinda funny now!

1st mistake: getting caught.  Just kidding, I'm just living vicariously through her! I would never be brave enough.

Why did I have to be the rule follower in the family?!?!

Sometimes life seems to be more fun, ya know...if you can break the rules a little.

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