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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Football season in Texas

Well friends, it has begun...it's football season! Mild and avid fans alike look forward to this day for months, longing for the weekends where there is always a game on TV, a stadium seat to fill, the sound of the drum line and the smell of tailgate food. While I will say we here at TP&TP enjoy all of the above, I will also add the correction.....we don't look forward to this date for months. While it is probably always in the back of his mind, the PRO loves ALL sports. And I do mean all! (OK..there are probably 2 sports that I can probably name that he doesn't follow) Needless to say when football season rolls around, it hasn't just 'started' for us. This is not the 'beginning' of a great sports season. This is probably the middle. For us, (more specifically, Me) there is not one break in between sports. We go from baseball (PHEW...this is one long season) , straight into NCAA Football, NFL season, NBA, Golf tournaments, throw in some tennis, maybe some hockey at the appropriate times and WA- LA... 365 days of sports. Phew. Can you see my exhaustion at times?

While I am at times on sports overload, I know how much the pro loves it. I think if he wanted to he could probably host his own sports show, and trust me he'd never run out of things to talk about. Sometimes it's interesting just listening to him discussing a game with his friends...they are just so intense!

Although there are times that I just need a break from all the sports, I will be the first to admit, there is just nothing like the start of football season in Texas. It's our culture, it's our pastime. There is just something about the atmosphere that you instantly fall in love with. I may not always pay attention to the game and I may have had enough after the hours of discussing the game we just watched, but I will say, I love the smell, the sounds and the happiness it brings to this household.

Here's to listening to the first sounds of the fight song, the bright stadium lights, the much over-used 'wave', the smell of nacho cheese in the stands, to the occasional dirt storms that come our way- but we don't budge and to the pride-filled alumnus. We love our school. We love this game. Welcome to football season in Texas!

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